In order to assist with maintenance and service procedures for our customers and distributors alike, we are pleased to provide links below to online presentations for our most common maintenance and service procedures.


Membrane Dryer Assembly procedures

Removal and Replacement of the Membrane Dryer Assembly

Replacement of the Membrane in a Dryer Assembly

Valve procedures

Changing the Valve on a Millennium System

Pump Procedures

Changing a Pump Cassette on the Millennium System

Cleaning/Changing the Pump Rollers on a Millennium System

Lamp Procedures

Changing the Lamp in a Millennium Merlin System

Gas Liquid Separator procedures

Changing the Gas Liquid Separator on a Millennium System

Gold Trap procedures

Replacing the Gold Trap in a Millennium Merlin 1631



Changing the Septa on a Sir Galahad II


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