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All about Sb

Sb in Liquid, Solid and Gaseous Media

Antimony speciation

Antimony applications

P S Analytical are experts in the determination and speciation of antimony, arsenic, mercury, selenium and other hydride forming elements.

We supply dedicated analyser systems for antimony determination, as well as providing contract analytical services to clients worldwide.


Antimony is found in many products such as batteries, solder, pewter and fire retardants.

Visit our all about antimony page for general information on antimony, its properties, and how it impacts on the environment.

Antimony in Water and Soils and other mediaMillennium Excalibur

The Millennium Excalibur is used routinely by laboratories worldwide for the determination of antimony in a range of samples from environmental to industrial.


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Antimony Speciation

Antimony Speciation System


Speciation is important to monitor levels of individual species as the toxicity of certain elements depends very heavily on their physico-chemical form.

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Consultancy/Contract Analysis

P S Analytical are experts in the determination and speciation of mercury and the hydride forming elements. We undertake specialist contract analysis of samples containing As, Se, Sb, Te, Bi and Hg measuring totals and species. For more information visit our consultancy pages.

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