Online mercury analysers are the most convenient way to measure mercury continuously in dynamic systems such as the environment and industrial plants. As mercury has the ability to adsorb onto most surfaces, each application has its own particular sampling requirements.

P S Analytical has addressed these by producing a range of Sampling Systems, CEMs and Analysers which are ideal for any required application where the online measurment of total and/or speciated merucry is required.

Online Natural gas

Online Liquid Hydrocarbons

Online Stack gas

Online Ambient Air

Online Waste Water

Online Liquid Streams

Online Natural gas Mercury Analysers

Mercury in Natural gas can cause potentially catastrophic damage to Natural gas and Petrochemical installations therefore mercury removal systems are frequently included at all installations where mercury is identified more...

Online Liquid Hydrocarbon Mercury Analysers

Mercury can cause damage to Natural gas and Petrochemical installations which can be financially crippling, especially when unscheduled shutdowns are forced. Mercury removal systems are now built into these installations to prevent mercury corrosion. The mercury measurements of the outlets of these removal systems need to be made to ensure they are operating correctly. The inlet concentrations are also measured to monitor the life of the removal bed more...

Online Stack gas Mercury Analysers

Mercury is emitted from combustion processes especially for power generation but significant amounts are also produced from waste incineration, crematorium and smelters. Most of these processes now include mercury removal systems which are continuously monitored by Online Mercury Analysers.

Mercury analysers are also required for experimental and pilot scale power plants and mercury removal systems more...

Online Mercury in Ambient Air Analysers

Mercury in Ambient Air is now routinely measured in both urban and rural sites due to the toxicity and mobility of this element. In addition workplace air monitoring for mercury in cell room monitoring are essential to protect the health of the workers in the relevant industries more...

Online Mercury in Liquid Streams

Mercury is found in both the production streams and the waste water flows from many chemical process streams such as incinerators, caustic soda and sulphuric acid production plants and is most conveniently monitored using and online analyser more...

Online Mercury in Workroom Air

Elemental mercury (Hg0) has a significant vapour pressure, even at low temperatures, and the vapour exists in workroom air in those industries that continue to use mercury in manufacturing, reprocessing and recycling activities more...

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