The M025S022 Millennium Software has been designed to be easy to use, multi-tasking and to allow independent control of up to two systems from one PC. The software has been designed utilising a tab approach thereby allowing the user to navigate quickly between the Analysis, Calibration, Method Settings and Options Definitions tabs. The software also includes a separate Editor so that the user can view previously collected data or define new analysis sequences. The software has multiple levels of security, allowing the restriction of certain features to specific users.

The Analysis Tab

The samples are analysed using this tab. A typical screenshot will shows a real-time status of the instrument and autosampler, allowing the user to see, in an instant, exactly what stage of the analysis cycle the system has reached. The analysis sequence can be edited in real-time, allowing samples to be added whilst the system is still running. Results can be reviewed and printed at any time.

Other features include:

  • Add a calibration, multiple samples and checks at the touch of a button

  • Copy, Paste, Delete and Insert samples into the sequence

  • Zoom, Expand and Pan signal plots

  • Set the system to automatically shut down at the end of a run

  • User definable results display

  • Export to LIMS software

  • Complete saving of all information about a particular sample

Typical Screenshot of the Millennium Merlin running a sample


Typical screenshot of Millennium Merlin system with an Autosampler

millennium software running a sample

The software is compliant with both EPA Method 1631 and GLP requirements.

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