There are three main considerations for sampling systems for PSA 10.226 Liquid Online Hg Analyser and PSA 10.256 Online Analyser (As/Se/Sb) systems:

1. The sample must be representative of the sample stream, to ensure that the results are representative of the concentrations present in the bulk sample flow.

2. The sample must be at atmospheric pressure, to ensure correct operation of the analyser and to prevent leaks.

3. The sample must be particulate free, as particles and suspended solids can lead to blockages which can affect sample flow and analytical results, cause leaks, corrosion and damage to valves.

PSA L225A200 - Sampling System for Liquid Online Analysers


The PSA L225A200 Sampling System is a simple sampling interface.  The sample pathway is constructed entirely from inert plastics and glass for water/waste water samples.  Consult P S Analytical for compatibility with more corrosive sample types.  The system comprises a plug valve, particulate filter, needle valve and glass separator bowl (providing a continuously refreshed reservoir of sample at atmospheric pressure for sampling by the analyser).

PSA L225A210 - Sampling System with Fast Loop Filter: Liquid Online Analysers


The PSA L225A210 Sampling System is a simple sampling interface for higher particulate concentrations.  The sample pathway is constructed entirely from PTFE and PFA, with Viton® seals, providing excellent compatibility with a wide range of sample types, including many corrosive samples.  

The system features a fast loop filter, perfect for samples with high particulate levels and/or reactive particulate.  The filtration arrangement prevents a build-up of particulate material on the filter. The system also includes a plug valve at the sample inlet and a needle valve to control the bypass flow.

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